About the Broula Mine

Broula is located approximately 20 kms west of Cowra in central NSW.

Since its discovery in the early 1900s the Broula magnetite deposit has been the focus of mineral exploration activity carried out by several companies.The deposit was mined for iron ore during World War II but closed in the late-1940s.

A development application was lodged with Cowra Shire Council in early 2007 seeking consent to re-develop the deposit. Development consent was granted in June, 2007.The NSW Department of Primary Industries granted Mining Lease No. 1616 over the Broula Deposit on 31 March, 2008.

Ownership of the Mining lease No. 1616 was transfered to Abterra Australia Pty Ltd in Auguest 2011.

Past Computer modeling indicates the existence of approximately 1.4 million tonnes of magnetite ore.This ore is suitable for direct shipping to steel or pellet makers.The ore can also be treated to produce saleable magnetite concentrate suitable for use in coal preparation.

Limestone occurs adjacent to the magnetite ore in the deposit. Haematite (the oxidised portion of the magnetite ore body) lies above the magnetite.

Abterra Australia Pty Ltd will mine and crush magnetite (Fe3O4 - magnetic iron ore), haematite (Fe2O3 - non-magnetic iron ore), and limestone from the deposit.The products will either be transported directly to markets or undergo further processing prior to sale. Markets for magnetite, haematite and limestone both outside and within the region are being evaluated.